This site is for anyone and everyone who is interested in issues about being and doing ‘queer’ in the sex industry. It is for sex workers, activists, researchers, students, practitioners and anyone else who is interested in exploring, discussing, debating, or learning more about the diversity of queer identities, practices, politics and scholarship in and about the sex industry. The site aspires to be as inclusive as possible of different voices, experiences and identities, and to be a space for dialogue and of mutual respect. (It is not a commercial space so please don’t use it to advertise erotic or other services; feel free, though, to share your thoughts or reflections on working in or researching the industry).

The site has been set up and is maintained by Nicki Smith, a researcher at the University of Birmingham. Click here to learn more about Nicki’s research and activities.

If you would like to contribute an article or think-piece, advertise a forthcoming event, or just let others know about a project or work in progress on here, please contact Nicki at

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